Spiral Dynamics Test

TARIFF «I (personal stats)»

Why is it profitable to buy this tariff?

1. Ability to use export to MS EXCEL any number of your personal test results. 2. The minimum price for an annual subscription, for which:     2.1. You do not need to search in your mailboxes for our letters with a notice of passing the test and a unique url-link that stores the results of your test.

    2.2. You do not need every time to remember and enter your e-mail address for each unique url-link, which stores the results of your test, when you want to see them.

How to use the tariff? 1. Create a Personal Account (here you will need a valid e-mail) and buy the tariff.

2. Verification and validation

Often, people do not use personal email to register at different services, so the tariff functionality allows using up to 3 different emails.

After you have entered the e-mail,

find in your email account a request letter.

3. Statistics

After confirmation, you will be able to see in your Personal Account:

3.1. a period of tariiff’s validity

3.2. a chart of your average results

You can export all the data of your results in MS Excel

and here you can independently process and study them. 


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